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كوبون خصم على كل مشترياتك من موقع نون مصر الكوبون : FA992

الاثنين، 31 مايو 2021

Cost Accountant

 Cost Accountant


Main Responsibilities:

1. Gather and analyze financial data to evaluate business performance and value.

2. Prepares regular cost figures by analyzing direct cost of activities, labor, and Over heads.

3. Determine standard costs and investigate variances with actual costs.

4. Help management make important decisions based on costs and benefits (e.g. investments, market growth, pricing changes)

5. Monitor changes in processes or methods to calculate effects on overall costs.

6. Suggest cost-reducing or profitable solutions to avoid budget deviations.

7. Prepare detailed reports, both periodically and ad-hoc.

Skills and Qualifications required:

1. 2- 4 years of experience as a Cost Accountant.

2. Profound ability to build financial models.

3. Very good knowledge about financial ratios & indicators.

4. Supportive in pricing decisions.

5. Prior knowledge in CMA Certificate (Part I) content.

6. Good Command of English Language.

7. Experience in the Logistics field is a huge plus.

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كوبون خصم على كل مشترياتك من موقع نون مصر الكوبون : FA992

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