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كوبون خصم على كل مشترياتك من موقع نون مصر الكوبون : FA992

الأربعاء، 2 يونيو 2021

Credit Partner

 Credit Partner



1 ) The implementation of Sanofi Key project within CI2C scope of activities connected to Play to Win strategy.

Ensuring an adequate assessment of customer credit risk and facilitate decision-making by business and finance management. This will be achieved by providing relevant, timely and accurate information to managers based on/thorough analysis of the customer portfolio dynamics.

This position is mainly responsible for new organization implementation mode and run mode as well.

Implementation Mode:

SAP CEP preparation to operate the new business model activity under the new standalone legal entity in Egypt.

Full cooperation/collaboration with different stakeholders & project team for a successful implementation.

Management/Customer Master Data, together with IA / Supply Chain, and for CI2C part specifically , the appropriate Customer Risk Category, Credit Control Area, Credit Limit.

Responsibility of actions related to new organization CI2C Asset Transfer to the new Legal Entity that will carry the activity, as per the country applicable/retained methodology

Responsibility of managing any scoping of critical activity that current CI2C team will identify as necessary from CI2C standpoint to ensure that the GBU is able to run from Day 1, alignment on cartography with ITS.

Responsibility of full/successful testing of CI2C processes in the new legal entity records during implementation across all related systems ‘ SAP-CEP & High radius ‘.

UAT, data migration support, cutover and check

Position is full responsible to evidence/record the workload in detail by building a strong data base efficient to be visualized including all daily work statistics.

Run Mode:

Responsibility of daily management of GBU incoming payments overall process via high radius.

Full ownership of GBU A/R activities under the new legal entity in Egypt.

Control and Process overall GBU customers dunning letters.

Prepare GBU forecasts/simulations for major KPIs: accounts receivable, Overdue , collection, DSO; investigate deviations of actuals vs forecast.


Close monitor of high radius GBU cash applications overall process ‘bank transfers, due dated & post-dated checks’ and fix any issue may raise along with the relevant teams.

Participation in a successful implementation of E-collect within the local affiliate in coordination with local CI2C team.

Reconciliation of GBU unapplied / misapplied receipts / Analyse deductions (Discrepancy resolution)

Establish a very good relationship with GBU external customers including:

Sending Monthly claims to the assigned customers ‘wholesalers & chain pharmacies’.

Conduct close contact with them ‘e-mails, visits…. etc ‘.

Close following up on the payments related to assigned wholesalers and chain pharmacies

Liaise with internal stakeholders and drive solutions to fix any issues may arise to ensure a smooth payment receiving.

Propose specific collection actions depending on customer’s type and ensure the follow-up on resolution.

Releasing of GBU blocked orders ‘orders held for credit management checking including:

Decision making as per Credit management Authorization Accountable/Responsible, and handling Consultation with CFO/Treasury.

Respecting the published thresholds & local credit committee alignment.

Active participation in local/Regional credit committee in coordination with Local CI2C team - including:

Preparation – presentation & action plans follow up.

Communicate any deviation vs agreed action plan to local credit committee stakeholders.

Documentation of sales orders release approvals.

Propose actions to improve the Financial Performance of the business, maintain and improve KPIs

Responsibility to perform GBU customer’s credit limit assessment including:

Assess new customer credit risk / Yearly review / Ad-hoc review

Liaising with Trade & GBU teams to receive the annual forecasted sales turnover.

Communicate with external customers to receive the most updated/audited financial statements.

Perform the overall assessment per customer connected to the risk category, historical payment performance

Perform the financial statements analysis related to each customer.

Obtain needful approvals according to the most published thresholds.

Ensure ultimate collaboration with internal stakeholders ‘Finance – Trade – GBUs - Supply chain & other SBS teams ‘ A2R – P2P‘ teams and increase level of satisfaction.

Effectively participate in the monthly closing process including:

Preparing the required reports related to GBUactivities ‘ bad debt provision, A/R aging, DSO ……etc. and perform required accruals entries ‘bad debt& written off ‘after obtaining the needful validation according to local threshold.

Perform the required manual journal entries for GBU after obtaining the needful validation according to local setup.

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كوبون خصم على كل مشترياتك من موقع نون مصر الكوبون : FA992

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