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كوبون خصم على كل مشترياتك من موقع نون مصر الكوبون : FA992

الثلاثاء، 24 أغسطس 2021

Assistant Dealer - Dealing Room

 Assistant Dealer - Dealing Room

Assist in analysing the daily and monthly reports showing volume and profit of each customer to be able to advise customers with any changes in the markets that might affect their positions and to ensure accurate & fast executions.

Assist in trading in the stock market also for the purpose of generating profit and achieve target.

Assist in executing market data received trough branches and confirming with team after execution

Awareness of market related events and market related rumours to seek opportunities and to adjust the trading directions accordingly to minimize losses and maximize profits.

Help in analysing changes in the financial and economic indicators and Conditions as well as any changes in yield curve.

Prepare the daily profit & loss report as well as audit report to inform the senior management with the latest developments in our trading portfolio.

Comply with the approved limits for each customer to protect both the bank’s and the customer’s interests.

Maintain good and professional relationship with international portfolio managers, brokers and customers.

Participate bonds and Treasury bills inventory along with participating in Repos, Reverse - Repos and outright sales auctions.

Assist in preparing required reports (weekly/monthly/quarterly) sent to the CBE and provide necessary reports to CMA, MOF.

Qualifications & Experience

Bachelor’s degree in accounting, Business Administration, Statistics, Economics, Banking, Finance and Investment

Minimum of 0 - 3 years of experience

ACI dealing Certificate

Credit Course is a plus

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كوبون خصم على كل مشترياتك من موقع نون مصر الكوبون : FA992

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