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كوبون خصم على كل مشترياتك من موقع نون مصر الكوبون : FA992

الأربعاء، 8 سبتمبر 2021

customer service

 customer service


Answer clients and owners’ calls professionally, introducing oneself as the point of contact. 

Establish a strong relation of trust by professionally answering clients’ inquiries and settling disputes, and resolving always adhering to the department and company policies and procedures. 

Communicate with clients through various channels (emails, calls and face to face). 

Liaise with the concerned internal department (Sales, finance, Legal, customer support, facilities) to resolve clients’ issues and get required information. 

Follow up on the progress of requested tasks from other departments. 

Keep records of customer interactions, recording details of inquiries, complaints, and comments, as well as actions taken. 

Process clients’ forms and applications.

 Escalate critical cases of clients’ grievances and delayed responses from other internal department to the customer service manager always after all possible solutions within authority have been referred to and failed. 

Stay up to date with the latest company happenings and events. 

Document every case in daily log, and send it weekly to line manager.


Bachelor degree Business Administration or similar.

0-3 years of experience in similar position.

Excellent communications skills.

Ability to listen and active problem-solving skills.Good interpersonal skills.

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كوبون خصم على كل مشترياتك من موقع نون مصر الكوبون : FA992

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