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كوبون خصم على كل مشترياتك من موقع نون مصر الكوبون : FA992

السبت، 27 نوفمبر 2021

Cash Transactions Monitoring Associate

 Cash Transactions Monitoring Associate


Job Purpose:

As per article 64 of the Banking Law no. 88 for the year 2003 and CBE circular dated October 12, 2010 which calls for monitoring transactions to ensure that they are in line with the approved facility purpose.

Credit facility limits are granted to finance the working capital which makes it very difficult to monitor the usage of the Facilities while CBE stressedon the necessity of setting proper controls and guidelines towards the usage of the facilities to enable the bank monitor the usage in accordance to the approved purpose.

Job Background/context:

Ensure adhering to Citibank regulations

Coordination with other bank departments (Customers/Citi service, Account service, Trade , cash management, Cash area, Custody, Treasury…) to ensure smooth operation process and optimize customer benefits.

Reporting to Facility monitoring manager.

Key Responsibilities:

Daily check for all transactions debited from credit facility.

Ensure all transactions are matching with the reasons provided by the RMs.

Ensure validity of reason of transfer.

Contact the customers and get any missing reason/data.

Strong follow up should with clients to complete all missing data.

Escalation to RM in case of any issues with the customers.

Recording and archiving of all data.

Frequent enhancement of the manual process.

Develop a data warehouse for all customers and their related suppliers/reasons

Full cooperation with customers and Citiservice to get the needed data

Ensure compliance with the CBE regulations

Checking the BO report for all borrowing customers to ensure the capturing of any updated info.

Development Value:

Developing Leadership and communication skills

Acquiring vast knowledge due to the exposure with various bank’s departments/customers’ needs and nature of business


Total awareness of the bank’s policies and regulations.

Total awareness of the CBE regulations on the facility monitoring requirements

High technical knowledge regarding computers and software.


Capacity to interface at several levels both internal and external to the organization.

Knowledge of Citibank’s regulatory policies, procedures and standards.

Strong interpersonal and communication skills.

Negotiation and problem resolution skills.


University / college degree (BA/BS) or equivalent

Good command of English Language

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كوبون خصم على كل مشترياتك من موقع نون مصر الكوبون : FA992

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