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الثلاثاء، 25 يناير 2022

HR Services Field Delivery MEA MCC

 HR Services Field Delivery MEA MCC



Queue Management

Queue Management System - Participates in handling queries coming through the Customer Relationship Management (CRM)/queue management system); Responds to employee and HR partners queries against agreed service level agreements and key business indicators in an accurate, complete, and empathic way; Supports the documentation of cases as requested; Maintains information security and confidentiality. Engages HR partners and third-party where needed to ensure execution on related queries and orchestrates end-to-end transactional process.

Data Management

Employee Data Management related to Program Support - Provides expertise in Human Resources Information Systems (HRIS) by contributing to the day-to-day management of employee data in a supported service area; Provides recommendations on data administration.

Operational Risk Management - Executes control measure or process for compliance; Tracks and analyzes the root cause of issues related to data integrity, security, and privacy; Supports data modeling initiatives by using data generation and troubleshooting techniques to meet customer and business needs; Ensures operational compliance with policies, laws, and regulations for a supported service area. Supports internal & external audit processes in connection with scope of work. Represents Microsoft in front of authorities with respect to employment related matters.


Employee Records - Contributes to the development and configuration of documentation and reporting of employee records; Conducts gap analysis on reporting and documentation of employee records for a supported service area.

Knowledge Management - Maintains up-to-date documentation of processes, desk-top procedures, and knowledge-based content; Ensures data entry is completed in a timely manner.

HR Central Services Customer Support

"Push Left" (Adoption of tools/platforms) - Builds rapport and consensus with partners and stakeholders to align operational processes; Learns the end-to-end service model for a supported service area and promote the use of Human Resources shared services, platforms, and tools; Learns and presents recommendations to drive the adoption of the end-to-end service delivery model.

Address inquiries and perform transactions - Performs transactions for a supported service area in a region; Researches, develops, and recommends solutions to manage the service processes aligned with established practices, policies, and/or laws; Connects with peer disciplines (e.g., HR Business partnership, HR Shared Services, Procurement, Finance) to address inquires, if needed.

Change Implementation related to Program Support - Contributes to the design and delivery of changes by developing communication materials related to changes in a customer support system during the implementation of HR programs; Partners with regional operational stakeholders to monitor, escalate, or address inquiries/issues related to employee experience or change communication; Collects feedback on employee experience and assess impact on employee experience.

Process Management

Process Design/Adaptation - Takes ownership of and leads the implementation of a new process by implementing defined action plans; Conducts analysis and collects feedback for smaller or less complex processes/procedures; Responsible for design and implementation of new processes or procedures as requested by local legislation, business needs, and global & local programs.

Process Improvement - Leads the implementation of solutions and changes to improve a process based on an established strategy or action plan; in partnership with functional operations team, monitors key performance indicator (KPI) targets to identify opportunities for continuous process improvement and future investment to drive efficiency and improved employee experience.

Supplier/Vendor Management

Supplier/Vendor Performance - Prepares analysis or reports (e.g., dashboard and scorecard) to measure supplier/vendor performance and manages HR admin work on HR vendors /suppliers.


Knowledge, Skills, Attributes

Statutory and Employment low - Knowledge of laws, regulations, standards, and emerging trends that may affect human resources policies and execution of these (e.g., legal signatories, court representation, health and safety, benefits, local documentation requirements, GDPR, legal localization). Experience in assisting with the translation of what requirements mean for the employer and offers correct solutions to adapt and localize policies.

Human Resources Policies and Procedures - Knowledge of and ability to adhere to and update Human Resources policies, procedures, and practices.

Human Resources Administration - Knowledge of and the ability to administer and manage the organization's Human Resources programs and processes, including resolving issues and answering relevant queries.

Human Resources Audits - The ability 

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