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الجمعة، 25 فبراير 2022

R&D Electrical/Electronic Engineer

 R&D Electrical/Electronic Engineer

Elaraby Group

Job Description

Design,analysis,modeling,simulation, and development of analogue and digital control electronic circuits. to deliver electronics products from concept through to realisation. 

Design,analysis,modeling,simulation, and development of  power conversion circuit for all home appliances AC/DC  , DC/DC , …..

Design,analysis,modeling,simulation, and development of  inverters and motor drives circuit for all home appliances.

Perform electronic circuit and power electronic circuit design with deep consideration for performance, reliability, mechanical,thermal,noise requirements, DFM, EMC and regulatory compliance.

Develop printed circuit board layout concepts, specifications and documentation for circuit designs and provide close guidance to PCB designer during the PCB layout process.

Generate conceptual mechanical designs, consistent with electrical and thermal design requirements, to assist mechanical engineering in optimizing the design of electromechanical assemblies.

Generate schematics, bills of material , Cost and other required product documentation

Exposure to whole circuit and PCB life-cycle from component selection through to verification.

Define performance criteria and define how to prove validation and verification of performance with verification plan 

Keep current with latest advancements in technology and design/simulation tools within areas of expertise.

Engaged in the application , technical research work and innovation of electronic control technology solutions

Involved in the research and application of new topology, and new power devices of power converters.

Document Circuit design and project learning.

Job Requirements

Bachelor's degree of  industrial control and Electronics Engineering.

Basic knowledge of topology, modeling and control of various types of power converters such as AC/DC converters, DC/DC converters, and DC/AC inverters., Resonant and multilevel converters. 

Basic knowledge of power, analogue and digital electronics, control science and EMC.

Basic knowledge of electronic design  from concept through to production

Basic knowledge with hardware debugging at circuit level with Oscilloscope etc. and use of electronic test equipment 

Basic knowledge with analog and digital (including CPLD and FPGA) circuit design for control, modulation, protection and communication

Basic knowledge of designing with various Power electronics Components, such as Power MOSFETS , IGBTS,…

Basic knowledge of designing high frequency magnetics and transformers for use in PWM designs

Familiarity with controlling and driving electrical machines such as brush and brushless DC motors, and induction motors

Basic knowledge of designing with DSPs and/or FPGAs to implement advanced digital control and modulation algorithms

Basic knowledge in  guiding the layout of power and control printed circuit boards to implement effectively  the product realization of a schematic design

Basic knowledge in using electronics design tools such as Altium.(schematic capture software and circuit simulation software )

Basic knowledge in using simulation and math software such as MATLAB/Simulink

Basic knowledge of electronic circuits and the working principle of electronic component 

Familiarity with PWM techniques

Familiarity with compliance with domestic and international regulatory compliance standards relating to safety, EMC and environmental requirements.

Familiarity with embedded C programming.

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كوبون خصم على كل مشترياتك من موقع نون مصر الكوبون : FA992

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